Why San Diego homeowners have 41X more wealth than renters

George Lorimer
Thursday, March 14, 2024
Why San Diego homeowners have 41X more wealth than renters
March 14, 2024

I thought homes were expensive when we bought ours. It would have been expensive to continue renting and paying more yearly, missing out on the appreciation and home equity. What if you had bought a home 5 or 10 years ago? How much equity would you be sitting on?
Since then, San Diego houses have soared in value, even doubling in some cases. Find Out Your Home Value
Instead of depressing you, how can you be on the right side of this by owning a home and gaining equity? With houses and everything else so expensive in San Diego, let's use the cost and appreciation to invest in our future.
Does your home suit you today, or does it suit you 10 or 20 years ago? Search San Diego Homes

Many people are scared to sell their homes because they're sitting on a low mortgage rate, but ask yourself this question: Does your home suit you at this stage of life? What if you buy the right home today and continue building equity in the "right" home?
If you want to discuss how this might work, call or text me today at 619-846-1244.
I have some properties coming on the market in the next few weeks - Escondido, $500K, and downtown, $710K. Call for details and priority access.
George Lorimer
Your home is guaranteed, or I'll buy it!*
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