Push a Button to Sell Your San Diego home

George Lorimer
Friday, April 26, 2024
Push a Button to Sell Your San Diego home

Pushing a button to buy or sell a home would be nice, wouldn't it?

But I would be out of business, and whoever streamlined the process would take most of your equity for convenience. So, what are your "real" options in 2024?

I know the real estate market and the agent's role are changing. I see more and more people as DIY-ers. DOWNLOAD CHEAT SHEET

Most customers want more control even if the traditional sales or agent role changes.

Why not just an APP? 
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It is not a do-it-yourself or app transaction because most buyers and sellers want safeguards to ensure they aren't scammed when buying or selling a home.

For example, I helped my daughter look for a rental in Irvine, and it was that tough. There were so many scams, such as wire fraud (sending a deposit before we saw the condo) and rental scams on Craigslist or the FB marketplace.

As mentioned, homeowners want the convenience of selling by pressing a button. There is no meeting with agents, no showing their homes, no delays, and no uncertainty of it not selling.

Instant cash offer is an option today, but at what cost?

Did you know investors take 20-30% of a home's equity? In San Diego, that is $200,000 to $300,000 of your equity for "convenience"! That's a lot.

What if Investors Compete For Your Home?

We have a different option for those who want the convenience and certainty of a CASH OFFER but not that low-ball price.


*Conditions apply. Not all homes qualify. 


George Lorimer at 619-846-1244

ProWest Properties, DRE# 01146839, *Conditions apply. Not all homes qualify.

HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER CASH OFFERS? Zillow and Redfin work with Open Door, which gives you a Cash Offer. When they resell, Open Door and the Investors keep the profit.

With my program, you'll have more options, and more offers will net you more money. See the info page and FAQ.

  • Multiple offers, so the Investors are bidding against themselves, getting you the highest price.
  • Flexible Closing and Occupancy dates that you choose.
  • Upside Potential—the option to get two checks: buy a home with the first check and a second check when your home sells on the open market. 
  • You can rent back the home after closing if needed.
  • Flexibility to decline the cash offers and sell with George Traditionally with a Price Guarantee.
  • You can exclude any buyer you already have, so you won't have to pay a commission if Your Buyer buys the home.

Call George Lorimer at 619-846-1244

 Your home is guaranteed, or I'll buy it! *

DRE# 01146839, ProWest Properties, *Conditions apply. Not all homes qualify.

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