Find an Unlisted Off-Market San Diego home

George Lorimer
Monday, April 29, 2024
Find an Unlisted Off-Market San Diego home
Are you sick of competing with tons of buyers to find a San Diego home?
When you finally find one you like, does it already have a bunch of offers?
How would it be to find a home BEFORE it came on the market? (See video)
Get access to an UNLISTED / Off-Market Home. Here's how:
  1. You tell me what you're looking for.
  2. I pull the property records and use smart data to find the homeowners most likely to sell in your preferred neighborhood.
  3. I target market these owners at my own expense. When one responds, I call you, and you get priority access to buy it BEFORE it goes on the market.
The cool part is that you're the only buyer who will know about it because it's not on the market.

Can you buy the house for 50% of the value? No, it's for serious buyers who want a fair deal where you don't have to compete with other buyers.
What if you have a house to sell?
That's OK. We have a trade-in program that will work for this and others.
What if you don't buy it, will it cost you? There is no cost and no obligation to buy a home. George pays the expense for data and the target marketing of the likely home seller.
How to get started - Call or text George Lorimer at 619-846-1244 and tell him the home you're looking for.

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